Jim Jay from Canada




The Vietnamese Junk Navy lived in these billets


My Buddy Harold Hall - The greatest honor of my life was working with him - and serving the troops


It was also my great honor to work with these guys as well

Rouden and Robinson

If you see this - please forgive my spelling

Here is a sweetie I met in Na Trang

Here she likes sitting in my lap

Here is my real sweetie for the last forty-one years

her name is Virginia and she is from Maryland 

She has always been like an angel to me


Here are some shots of the base

Rock Quarry blast

Every day right at chow time

Good old Lykes Lines

Sometimes the food came to us spoiled

because those rust buckets had ether no refrigeration or it didn't work very well

I was surprised to see one of those rust buckets going down the St. Clair river

with a Liberian flag on its tail end




Cooks Quarters

This is a show where Danny Kay and Vicky Carr were there

I remember a couple Phantom jets buzzed us over head

and spoiled one of his jokes

Here are more pictures of the base

At sunset it did seem to have a certain beauty to it

Joyful Joyful - There can be no greater Joy than doing KP

But that's just my opinion


this is me - not the best picture

This is us Virginia and me at the Canadian Vietnam Memorial in Windsor, Ontario

This myself and a friend from the VVA at the Canadian memorial in Windsor Ontario

Here is a friend at Cam Rhan Bay

This is the street of Na Trang

This is close to the beach in Na Trang

These guys are getting ready to go home

These guys I think are replacements

This is Christmas at the mess hall

Here we are building our home

This is our motor pool

This is when the village was off limits

But I still had this guy to do my laundry anyway

This is yours truly haming it up

This is Joiner on the left and Rouden

Joiner was my repalcement

This is yours truly again - ready for action

All ready for inspection

This is yours truly and my replacement Joiner

This is the C-130 I got on to go to Saigon where 

I got on a Pan Am 707 to go back home

The props were running on this plane and I took the picture

at 1/500 of a second which stopped those props

This is another picture of the base - but, I'm not sure where this is at

Now this guy looks like he is ready for action

with that M-60 machine gun

Here the guys are enjoying their new home