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20th Engineer Brigade
  The history of the 20th Engineer Brigade extends back to the Civil War. The unit was constituted on Aug. 3, 1861. Unit designations have been changed many times since then, but the ancestors of the 20th Engineer Brigade have participated in campaigns in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine insurrection, the Mexican expedition, and World War I and II. The Brigade headquarters was reactivated May 1, 1967, and arrived in the Republic of Vietnam on Aug. 3, 1967. The 20th Brigade missions are to command assigned and attached units, provide operational support for the U.S. and free world forces, plan and execute construction, and provide for security of personnel, equipment, facilities and construction sites of assigned or attached units. Many of the Brigade's projects stand out as exceptional engineering achievements. Among these are restoration of National Highway (QL) 4 between Song Be and Dong Xoai, and the clearing of over a half-million acres of jungle. As the war's emphasis shifted to Vietnamization, the Brigade developed far-reaching programs of mutual assitance with the ARVN. At present, the ARVN is taking over an increasing amount of work, as evidenced by their restoration project on QL-1 and their three recently trained land clearing companies. The Brigade has been awarded the Republic of Vietnam Civic Actions Honor Medal, First Class, for assistance rendered to orphanages, schools and other pacification projects.



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